Levi’s Outdoor Campaign

Levi’s Outdoor Campaign
Levi’s Outdoor Campaign
Levi’s Outdoor Campaign challenge

The Challenge

Levi’s wanted to an outdoor campaign that can deliver the maximum ROI, drive footfall to their stores and enhance the brand salience and top of mind recall.

The client also wanted the most premium and visible outdoor sites for the campaign.

Levi’s Outdoor Campaign Assessment

Our Assessment

With help of our proprietary planning tool Compass, we identified most suitable places for campaign

Historic data of client outdoor campaigns was observed

Location of client’s stores was mapped to the above two data points

Levi’s Outdoor Campaign Process

The Process

Selection of top 10 sites for each city

Most desirable sites located near exclusive stores and youth centers/other target groups were planned and executed

Levi’s Outdoor Campaign Outcome

The Outcome

Higher ROI in comparison to all historic outdoor campaign done by the client (due to scientific planning)

Cost saving of 10% due to efficient buying

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