Multiple Outdoor campaigns for BJP

Multiple Outdoor campaigns for BJP
Multiple Outdoor campaigns for BJP
Multiple Outdoor campaigns for BJP challenge

The Challenge

Client is one of the largest political parties in India. During elections, all political parties need to communicate with the masses to convey their message. Outdoor is one of the most effective media used in election campaigns.

BJP has appointed US Advertising Agency for majority of the key election campaigns. The client laid down stringent rules of implementation which were reviewed by large audit firms.

Multiple Outdoor campaigns for BJP Assessment

Our Assessment

We understood the communication objective from the party leadership and conducted field recce

Identified areas where certain communication will be more appropriate and aligned to people’s needs

Gathered insights and information about the competition outdoor campaigns

Multiple Outdoor campaigns for BJP Process

The Process

Handled 20+ election campaign (Max. in India)

Selected the sites in order to ensure maximum visibility and multiple touch points

Covered the entire labyrinthine of people movement in the given geography

Marquee sites were taken for higher impact

Innovations such as illuminated party symbol was used at certain strategic areas

Installing sites in snow covered areas of Kedarnath to Maoist areas in Jharkhand and Odisha

Multiple Outdoor campaigns for BJP Outcome

The Outcome

Best performing agency in terms of execution and audit.

Multiple election campaigns awarded because of our excellent performance

General Elections: 2014 (Delhi), 2019 (Delhi, Orissa & WB)

Assemble Elections: 2013, 2015 and 2020 (Delhi)

Assembly Elections: Delhi, Uttarakhand, Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand and Orissa …many more

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